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 Welcome here ! Back to the roots ! Yeah ! That's it !
 last saturday when i took my timemachine and went back
 i saw these old games i used to play !
 thats why i'm hosting some real


 here. don't forget these old days when you played them
 for hours and hours.. days and days.. night and nights..
 until your mother got angry.

    oldschoolgames / abandonware

 There are many different definitions of the term 'abandonware'. 
 Most common is the one that sais abandonware is software with 
 an age of 3 years / 5 years or older and not being sold.
 i think oldschoolgames are more classicgames, but on 
 abandonwarewebpages you can usually also find some of
 the real oldschoolgame-pearls. the older the game the more 
 i like it. no 3d overkill.  no dolbysound. ... 
 small, cool, innovative games.

    huge collections of oldschoolgames:

      ooooldschoolgames from 1981-1987

      oooldschoolgame search archive

      abandonware webring

      more info about moslo

      classic gaming

    game & watch:

      game & watch museum -
      game & watch museum - 

      download lots of emulators for windows [55MB]
      taken from:
                  and other sources i can't remember.... if you are/have one, contact me.
      containing: Ball, Fire, Green house, Heli flight, Manhole, Octopus, Oil panic, Parachute, Popeye,
                  armor battle, banana, donkey kong, donkey kong 2, donkey kong circus, donkey kong jr,
                  explorers of space, grabman, heathclf, hippo teeths, lasvegas, lifeboat, mario bros,
                  marios bomb away, mickey mouse, monkey jump, motocross, penguin land, puck man,
                  snoopy, snoopy tennis, snoopy tt, sub chase, the hunt, tom n jerry-popper, towering
                  rescueing, tron, turtle bridge

    some of my DOS-favorites:

[3kB] '67
 - legendary videogame console game
- more infos
zak mckracken
[592kB] '88
- walkthrough
- more infos
[108kB] '82
- works only on boot disk & moslo
- the one and only program from microsoft you can use!
california games
[241kB] '88
[447kB] '88
ski or die
[457kB] '90
skate or die
[660kB] '88
[410kB] '83
[1.2MB] '91
spacequest I
[340kB] '86
- walkthrough
night mission pinball
[59kB] '82
- works only with moslo
rick dangerous
[224kB] '89
- linux version!
- Type "pooky" at the high score screen to continue from the last level played in the previous game.
lhx chopper
[588kB] '90
[16kB] '83
- works only with moslo
- digger for unix
- more infos
xenon II
[376kB] '89
- Press [F7] in the graphic selection menu and press "I" during game play for invincibility.
blues brothers
[486kB] '90
- Type "houlq[Space]" at the character selection screen to select level
alley cats
[30kB] '84
stunt cars
[254kB] '90
cobra mission
old manga detective game
[6.5MB] '92
- only for adults... ;-)
- walkthrough
[84kB] '88
[318kB] '91
commander keen
[170kB] '90
- cheats
[272kB] '87
- walkthrough
[74kB] '87
- works only with moslo
[122kB] '83
[256kB] '89
- Level 999: Type "killuspal" at the title screen
prince of persia
[346kB] '91
- cheats
railroad tycoon
[804kB] '90
- cheats
slicks'n slide
[354kB] '95
[118kB] '84
street fighter II
[13MB !!] '88
ultima 1
[145kB] '86
- walkthrough
xmas wolfenstein
[641kB] '85
double dragon
[552kB] '88
micro machines
[154kB] '94
- cheats
- level codes
- linux pingus
jazz jack rabbit

 Disclaimer: As far as i know all games available here have been discontinued by their creators and are no longer available for sale.
 If you, as owner or employee of a company do not want any of the titles available here to be distributed, contact me and i will remove the link immediately.
 You may download/use a game ONLY if you own the original game package. It is illegal to download any games if you do NOT own the original games!
 All patents and trademarks are owned by their respective holders.